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Prosiding 20th World Congress on Medical Law


Objectives : Patients have their own choice when they have medical treatment. Patients have the right to know the disclosure information to make their decision and to choose the medical care that best allows for them to meet their quality of life goals. Most patients want to know about their medical condition, and about a diagnosis. Patients have different preferences when their physician recommends medical indication. It is very important that doctors should share disclosure information for the patient to make an informed decision about medical treatment.A mutual decision making between physician and patient is very important for patients to possess adequate information to make their decision. Mutual decision making between the physician and the patient is the broadest definition of informed consent. The Mutual decision making involves an open exchange of medical information between physician and patient, education on options and alternatives for medical care, and physician should assist the patient in making a decision that is consistent with their values. Physicians must respect a patient’s right to make decisions regarding his medical care. Respect for autonomy is one of the principle guidelines of clinical ethics. Basic principles of autonomy in medicine are not simply allowing patients to make their own decisions, physicians have an obligation to create the conditions necessary for autonomous choice. Respecting for autonomy is respecting an individual’s right to self determination as well as creating the conditions necessary for autonomous choice. Respecting for autonomy also includes confidentiality, seeking consent for medical treatments and procedures, maintaining privacy and giving disclosing information about their medical condition to patients. In Indonesia, There is a standard on good and complete medical information. The standard is stated in health minister’s rule related to the action a doctor must take including diagnoses and the way how the doctor acts, the goals of the action taken by the doctor, and the other alternative actions and the risks might come up, the risks and complications might occur and prognoses oh the action taken. Recently, there is a change on patient – doctor relationship from paternalistics or doctor centered to autonomy or patient centered, so medical decision is under patient’s decision. In taking the decision mentioned, the patient needs complete medical information from the doctor related to his or her condition so that the patient manages to take proper decision. This research is aimed at knowing the relationship between medical information the patient need from the doctor, taking medical decision from Autonomy bioetic basic principal point of view. Through this research, the writer wants to know the relationship between what medical information the patient need from the doctor, patient’s medical decision from Autonomy basic principle point of view. Design: Cross-sectional survey.Participants:Sample taken is non-probability samplingwith consecutive sampling method, the sample total need is 96.Results: with  =

5% and dk = (r-1)(k-1) = (3-1)(2-1) = 2, score gainedχ2tabel = 5,991. In factχ2hitung>χ2tabel ( 23,360 > 5,991 ) so H0is rejected and H1accepted, it means that there is a significant relationship between XY and Z

variable. This result is inline with the output of SPSS where χ2hitung of 23,360 and p-value 0,000. With = 0,05 so p-value
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